Constance has loved horses for as long she can remember.

She started riding at Todd Hill Farm in January 2017 and a year later began volunteering with the beginner programs and short stirrup lessons. She is a certified riding level 3 and currently leasing Parker and building a connection with him. She rides three times a week and is here at least an extra two days taking care of the horses.

She has had experience running several summer and March break camps and enjoys teaching occasional lessons to our lower level students. Before she started riding, Constance did gymnastics. After she finished Grass Roots, she had to make the choice whether to continue in gymnastics or start lessons. She never regretted her decision. She even inspired two of her younger siblings to begin riding. Constance’s other hobby is playing the piano, which often does for hours on end when she is not at the barn. She is also homeschooled. This opportunity allows her to be at the barn when others her age are at school.